McHenry County Divorce Lawyers  

Family law encompasses and includes multiple issues and topics: divorce  or "dissolution of marriage", child custody and visitationchild supportalimony, and the division of marital property. 

If you are feeling uncertain or overwhelmed by a family conflict or a personal loss, it is understandable that you want to put your mind at ease with a Family Law Attorney in McHenry County, Illinois.  What makes the McHeny County Family Law Attorneys different? We at Prime Law Group focus on the solutions for our clients.   We know that benefits, value and results are important to them.  

Prime Law Group, LLC is located on Route 47 in Woodstock Illinois just 2.5 miles south of the McHenry County Government Center, and has experienced and dedicated family law attorneys who can assist clients in finding peace of mind in the midst of family-related legal challenges. Prime Law Group can assist you in reaching reasonable and productive solutions to the problems that accompany divorce, parentage disputes, paternity, probate, custody disputes and the deaths of loved ones.

Setting Realistic Goals ... And Reaching Them is Important, Let Us Help YOU Reach Those Goals!

Negotiation When Possible, Litigation When Necessary

Although Prime Law Group prides themselves on finding solutions that work for their clients and their families, Prime Law Group understands that not every legal problem can be resolved at the negotiating table. As a result, being effective and experienced litigators who understands the laws and the courts in Illinois can make a difference.  Let us help discuss your issues with you thoroughly, help you prioritize your needs and find the best possible path toward fulfilling those needs — whether negotiation or litigation is required.

Whether you are involved in a divorcechild custody & visitation, paternity, probate or guardianship action, Prime Law Group's goal is to leave you and your loved ones in a better place than when you came to us.

Our clients are located throughout Northern Illinois,  but no matter where they are, they all expect and receive the finest representation in all of aspects of family law. We focus on the unique needs of each client. 

Contact us online or call us at (815) 338-2040 to schedule your free initial consultation with a Family Law Attorney so that you can learn more about your rights and options. Serving McHenry County, Lake County and Kane County, Illinois (IL).

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