Child Support & Support Rates

Child Support is one of the most important determinations that a court will make in a  divorce or dissolution proceeding. In addition, the Court may also modify an existing court-ordered child support order if there has been a substantial change in either parent's financial situation. 

Contrary to popular belief, both parents have an obligation to provide support to children of divorce or separation, not just the non-residential parent. The amount of the obligation each parent has is based upon statutory factors that take into consideration the respective income of each parent as well as the time each parent spends with the children.

To establish a child support order in Illinois, the amount of child support considered for the order depends on the non-custodial parent's net income and the number of children for which he or she is responsible. The chart below represents the minimum of what may be ordered according to the Illinois Statutory Guidelines (750 ILCS 5/505 Sec. 505).

Statutory Guidelines of Child Support

Number of Children - Percent of Non-Custodial Parent's Net Income

1 -  20%

2 -  28%

3  - 32%

4  - 40%

5  - 45%

6 or more  50%

More Information regarding calculations - Illinois Child Support

If you need to determine child support issues as you begin a divorce or dissolution of your partnership or marriage, are currently in the process of determining child support, or if you are having problems or issues with a court-ordered child support arrangement, Let Us Help. 

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