Alimony or Maintenance

Alimony in a divorce or dissolution case is based primarily on two important factors: need and an ability to pay. But what does that mean? Well, Illinois courts have the authority to grant alimony (spousal support) to either party in a divorce or dissolution. That alimony award could be either permanent or rehabilitative (temporary).

But before that happens, the spouse who is requesting alimony has to prove that he or she really needs to be supported AND that the other spouse has the financial ability to pay that support.

Assuming that threshhold is reached, there are several other statutory factors that a court can then consider in determining what, if anything, would be a fair alimony award.

Types of Alimony or Maintenance and the different factors. 

Records to Keep When You Pay or Receive Alimony

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Records to Keep When You Pay or Receive Alimony

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