Probate and Estate Related Matters

When your parent, or another loved one, dies, his or her property must pass through a legal process called probate before it is distributed to the heirs. If the deceased person does not leave a will, a probate court will determine how to distribute the estate's assets according to Illinois law.

Prime Law Group represents clients in McHenry County, and throughout Northeast Illinois in family legal matters, including probate. If your loved one is near the end of life or has died, Prime Law Group can provide legal counsel and representation you need so the estate can be settled.

Probate and estate-related matters Prime Law Group, can help you with will include:

  • Probate: Attending probate court actions involving an estate and serving as the estate's legal representative.
  • Wills and trusts: Drafting wills and trusts to establish how financial assets and real property will be distributed during life and after death.
  • Property inventories and distributions: Inventorying the estate and distributing property according to a will, trust or other binding planning document.
  • Estate litigation: Defending the estate's interests in court in will contests, trust contests and other disputes involving an estate and its assets.
  • Estate tax matters: Administering tax matters after a loved one's incapacity or death, until the estate is settled.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships: Ensuring that instructions are followed concerning the financial, medical and personal needs of an incapacitated loved one or minor child.

Guardianship  Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firm 

A guardian is appointed by a court to be responsible for the physical and financial care of a person who is considered incapacitated — either because the person ("ward") is a child or because he or she is no longer able to care for him/herself.

Guardians have responsibilities toward their wards, including paying bills, filing income tax, providing living arrangements and health care, and accurately accounting for any payments using the ward's asset.

A conservator is similar to a guardian, but only for financial matters. As such, a conservator administers assets for the benefit of a person who is incapacitated, but is not responsible for that person's living arrangements, health care or well-being.

If you are already caring for a family member or considering doing so, Prime Law Group can help you complete the legal process to become a guardian or conservator. Further, they can help you proactively create a guardianship for a loved one if you ever become unable to provide care you provide now.

Likewise, if you are a stepparent, grandparent or relative of a child in need, Prime Law Group can help you seek a child guardianship. Let Us Help. 

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